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Rebuilding Sales with Delivery 2.0 & Tactical Take-Out

Now Available On Demand

With the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant industry has been forced to adapt quickly. Public health strategies and regulations that close dining rooms and enforce social distancing have made delivery and take-out capabilities critical to business survival, even in segments where previously they were not. 

Now that operators have created workarounds or increased existing off-premise capabilities what’s next in terms of refining menus and mix to build sales in this new reality?

Join this webinar to hear ideas about how your business might up its delivery and take-out, as we explore:

  • Thoughtful family meal bundle engineering - Featuring core menu items with value added sides.
  • Enhanced sides as main dishes that travel well.
  • Margin building foods for the menu mix.
  • LTOs - Irrelevant or more important than ever?
  • Potential scenarios to thrive in the post COVID-19 environment.

Brooke Brantley
Director of Culinary
McCain Foods


Mark Canlis


Aaron Noveshen
Starbird & The Culinary Edge


Dan Simons
Farmers Restaurant Group


Alan Liddle - Moderator
Data & Event Content Director
The Restaurant & Food Group by Informa Connect