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New Trends for the Next Gen Consumer: A MUFSO On-Demand Presentation

Available Now On Demand

Datassential’s Jack Li stitches together a complex network of next generation data and trends into simple big picture insights around health, flavor, and consumer values – and what it all means for your brand. You’ll discover the road consumers are on throughout their food journey, and how you can align your brand along the way.

This session features a look at consumers’ changing attitudes toward health & wellness, global food trends, next-gen delivery, and brand affinity.

Topics covered:

  • The impact of a growing diverse population – the next generation of global food trends
  • The oncoming Gen Z “cliff”, and what chain brands need to be prepared
  • Marketing to consumer values – going beyond just the food and eating experience
  • Technological disruption – what consumers think of robot chefs, next-gen delivery, and much more




Jack Li is Haiku Master at Datassential, a leading food insights agency. During his tenure at Datassential, Jack pioneered the use of menu data to predict future trends for the food industry. Over the past two decades, Jack has led over 500 food research studies across every imaginable topic. Today, Jack leads Datassential’s Haiku division, bringing the power of artificial intelligence to food companies.