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How to Save on Food Costs with Smarter Inventory Management

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Alan Liddle - Moderator
Data & Event Content Director
Nation's Restaurant News


Mary Hamill
Vice President of Sales Solutions


Chris Rodrigue
Partner & Senior Operations Executive
Strategic Supply Chain Partners


Mick Marr
Partner and Senior Procurement Officer
Strategic Supply Chain Partners


Successful restaurateurs understand the importance of controlling food costs, but that doesn’t make it fun or easy. Traditional back-office solutions were built with corporate accounting in mind, resulting in low adoption by the true end-user — restaurant managers. At HotSchedules, we understand that managers need user-friendly inventory tools that enable faster counting, fresher product, and higher quality service.

But a successful restaurant inventory process is about much more than the right tools — you also need an effective supply chain management strategy in place. Understanding what you’re paying for each product, and where those costs originate, gives you the opportunity to optimize food costs.

Join Mary Hamill, HotSchedules VP of Sales Solutions, along with Chris Rodrigue and Mick Marr of Strategic Supply Chain Partners, as they explore how inventory management technology and a keen supply chain strategy will help you:

  • Maintain control over your suppliers and inventory processes
  • Provide visibility to theoretical costs for better inventory management
  • Save significant time on counting and ordering
  • Offer a single, mobile platform for managing both labor and food costs