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The Future is Here: How Restaurants Can Use Mobile and Data-Driven Marketing to Transform Customers Into Loyal Brand Ambassadors

When choosing to open a restaurant concept, operators all face the same challenge—I'm going to open a business that's highly competitive. Every single sale means a customer chose me over a nearby competitor, and I'm prepared to differentiate exclusively on customer awareness and experience. When customers think "I'm hungry," they'll think of me; when customers experience my brand, they'll make a concerted effort to come back—and refer their friends.

Up until now, restaurant operators have attempted to tackle this challenge using an assortment of traditional direct marketing tactics like mailers, flyers, print ads, handout cards, and email. However, today's consumers differ significantly from consumers in the past. With the explosion of smartphones, "word of mouth," invokes way more voices than before. "Personalization" goes beyond creating a form letter with someone's first name at the top. Most importantly, millennial's growing spending power means that terms like "mobile strategy" and "data-driven marketing" aren't options—they're requirements.

In this webinar, Dewey's Managing Partner, David Igel, and Thanx CEO and Founder, Zach Goldstein, will put new customer dynamics under the microscope to analyze exactly how restaurants can excel. By the end of this session, attendees will walk away with actionable takeaways about how to personalize customers' experiences to make them as satisfied as possible—by taking advantage of the modern marketer's most valuable asset: data and mobile.


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