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Finding The Path To Profitability In Restaurant Delivery

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To anyone in the restaurant business, it should come as no surprise that online food delivery is set to balloon to $200 billion by 2025. The enormous amount of capital deployed by the platform companies has built this new supersized consumer demand.  Many operators are now questioning third-party delivery platform engagement’s impact on profit, customer experience and brand looking for a way to elevate all three.
In this webinar, join ShiftPixy co-founders Scott Absher and Steve Holmes, as they discuss:

  • A macro look at what is driving this new convenience economy.
  • Current impacts on the economics and brand with third-party delivery.
  • A strategy for recapturing lost profit while elevating customer engagement.
  • A new way to look at and leverage the third-party wave.

Scott Absher


Steve Holmes


Alan Liddle - Moderator
Data & Event Content Director
Nation's Restaurant News


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