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Fast Fries: How Restaurants Are Choosing Tech That Won’t Slow Them Down

Macroeconomic challenges, coupled with rising consumer expectations, mean that the restaurant industry is having to do more with less. The technology stack – including AI – has never been more important.  Yet, many businesses are struggling with legacy systems that don’t allow for adaptation and evolution. 

Now a significant number are looking to build more flexibility and efficiency into the way they process customer requests, and that means updating their technology so that it’s fit for a new ordering era.

Join SoundHound and Qu as they discuss the future of restaurant technology, and how it's allowing restaurants to stay agile – and grow! – while meeting changing customer wants and needs.  

Jenifer-Kern.jpg. copy.jpgJenifer Kern
Chief Marketing Officer 

Brian CrumBrian_Headshot_1 copy.jpg
VP of Product

mike lauricella headshot copy.jpgMike Lauricella
Head of Channel Partnerships 

Joe Aung.jpgJoe Aung
VP of Engineering

Fiona McEvoy copy.jpg

Fiona McEvoy - Moderator
Corporate Comms 

alan liddle .jpgAlan Liddle - Moderator
Contributing Event Content Editor & Moderator
Restaurant and Food Group

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