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Consumer Use of Digital Ordering & Convenience Tech – Before & During Social Distancing

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Normal behaviors have been greatly altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which, among other things, has brought about physical social distancing. As much of the restaurant industry has been driven for survival to greater reliance on delivery and take-out channels, with the mothballing of many face-to-face ordering setups, consumers seeking prepared meals are being required to deal with direct-input and convenience options and technologies like never before.

Join us as we look at research and examples around customer adoption and perceptions of guest-facing technologies and practices in foodservice before and during social distancing and how the comparisons and emerging picture of consumer response can help operator decision making going forward.

Hear Datassential research about:

  • Delivery technology and practices, including proprietary and third-party ordering apps and “contactless” drops
  • Cashless payment
  • Automation in such forms as online ordering, on-site kiosks and unattended pickup-lockers or shelves
  • Micromarkets for grab-and-go items
  • Consumer dining trends post Covid-19

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Gerald Oksanen
Senior Analyst
Datassential, Keynote Team


Alan Liddle - Moderator
Senior Data & Events Editor
NRN Restaurant & Food Group