Wendy's video

Must-see videos: Wendy’s touts fresh beef hamburgers

NRN picks this week's top videos.

NRN editor-in-chief Sarah Lockyer, executive editor Jenna Telesca and senior food editor Bret Thorn introduce The Power List, a definitive guide to the most powerful people in foodservice. See what the 'Othr Guyz' don't want you to see in Wendy's latest fresh vs. frozen beef commercial. McDonald's iconic Big Mac is now being offered in three sizes for a limited time. Panda Express shares the Chinese New Year experience as Z and her family explore new traditions and the true meaning of the holiday. Subway is offering unlimited $6 footlong sandwiches for a limited time.

Inside the making of The Power List

Wendy’s touts fresh beef hamburgers

McDonald's: There’s a Big Mac for that

Panda Express celebrates Chinese New Year

Subway announces Footlong Fest

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