taco bell promo

Must-see videos: Fans star in ‘The Taco Bell Clip Show'

NRN picks this week's top videos.

Chik-fil-A will open its first West Coast restaurants right outside of Las Vegas. The Taco Bell Clip Show is the chain's effort to highlight all of the ways customers show the brand love. Dunkin' Donuts is brewed for all the moments that make hockey unlike any other sport. Smoothie King offers over 20 meal replacement smoothies under 400 calories. Subway's Steak and Cheese Footlong sandwich is made with lean steak that’s free of artificial preservatives and flavors and is covered in cheese. 

Chick-fil-A takes a road trip out West

Dunkin' Donuts is the official coffee of the NHL

Smoothie King launches healthful smoothie challenge

Subway offers $6 Steak and Cheese Footlong

Fans star in ‘The Taco Bell Clip Show'

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