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Subway is bringing back its Footlong Pass after the subscription sold out in six hours in August.

Subway’s sandwich subscription program is returning

Subway’s Footlong Pass, offering customers footlong subs at 50% off, is available exclusively to loyalty members.

Subway announced today it is bringing back its Footlong Pass, a $15 sandwich subscription that offers customers footlong subs at 50% off. The program was first introduced in August with 10,000 available passes and sold out in six hours, according to the company.

This time around, the company has 250,000 passes available. Starting March 21, Subway’s MyWay Rewards members can purchase a Footlong Pass online at or through the company’s apps. The promotion is available once a day through April, or the equivalent of $150.

“Subway’s inaugural Footlong Pass showcases all of the things our fans crave from Subway: our footlong subs, everyday value and, of course, exclusive perks for loyalty members,” Barb Millette, Subway’s senior director of Loyalty & Gift Cards, said in a statement. “The first 10,000 passes sold out in a matter of hours, and while we have 250,000 available this time around, we expect them to go very quickly.” 

Subscription programs have become more ubiquitous in the space throughout the past several years as chains such as Panera and Taco Bell add the option for their loyalty members. The perks of such a program include frequency and generating a steady stream of microtransactions from a customer versus getting revenue from a one-time customer that purchases a singular item. For Panera, for instance, 25% of its purchases now come from its subscription program, called Unlimited Sips.

The same success could very well translate to Subway, especially as it promotes its relatively new Subway Series menu featuring 12 signature sandwiches. For Subway, which is exploring a potential sale, offering the Footlong Pass exclusively through its MyWay Rewards Program will likely increase loyalty members, visits and frequency.

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