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Del Taco president and CEO John D. Cappasola Jr. breaks down their latest earnings, including menu innovation and franchisee success

Extra Serving: Del Taco’s franchisee success soars

Del Taco president and CEO John D. Cappasola Jr. breaks down the chain’s latest earnings as well as menu innovation and franchisee success

While so many restaurant operators are still struggling at this point during the pandemic, Del Taco recently reported a 3.8% increase in same-store sales for the fourth quarter reported on March 8. In this episode of Extra Serving, John D. Cappasola Jr. — president and CEO of Los Angeles-based quick-service taco chain — ­breaks down the how and why of their success over the past quarter, which he attributes largely to menu innovation and franchisee wins in response to the pivot to off-premise.

“Early on we decided that communication and transparency [with franchisees] was key,” Cappasola said. “We upped the virtual calls we had, anything that company uncovered was shared with franchisees immediately, and we had a great relationship throughout the pandemic to the point where we were able to see acceleration at the end of the year.”

The other pillar of growth Del Taco saw was the new menu category introduced last year: crispy chicken, which was introduced to multiple menu items.

Listen below for more insight from Del Taco on franchise acceleration and growth through smart menu innovation.


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