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2024 Top 500: The 50 biggest restaurant chains in America

Every year, Nation’s Restaurant News presents the Top 500 biggest restaurants in America, ranked by systemwide sales in the previous fiscal year. This year, we’re using data from our partners at Technomic to give you the best report yet.

In this gallery, meet the crown jewels: the 50 largest restaurant chains in the country. For each, you’ll also learn their systemwide sales and unit counts for 2023.

You may think there’s nothing to see at the top of the list, but you’d be very wrong. These 50 chains saw astounding success last year, bringing in more than $322 billion in sales between their 163,473 units. 47 of them saw systemwide sales growth, and 35 added net new units.

The top 50 features one newcomer, perhaps not a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention: coffee player Dutch Bros, which in a breakout year grew sales by 24.2% and units by 23.8% to hit No. 48.

Click through the gallery to meet this year’s 50 biggest restaurant chains, and keep coming back to all month long for more data and analysis on the full Top 500.

2024-t500-banners-go back.png

All data courtesy Technomic Ignite Company data. Looking for more data? Click here to access the complete Technomic Top 500.


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