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Pizza Hut to debut new pizza builder

Chains works to make digital ordering faster, easier and more convenient

Pizza Hut is updating its pizza builder for digital customers, continuing its efforts to make ordering pizza faster, easier and more convenient. 

The Plano, Texas-based division of Yum! Brands Inc. said the enhanced pizza builder function expands on other advances it is making to compete successfully in the digital marketplace.

“We’re taking a mobile-first approach,” Pizza Hut chief e-commerce officer Chris Dargis told Nation’s Restaurant News Tuesday. 

Dargis said more than 70 percent of the chain’s digital orders come through mobile channels.

“We’re adjusting our experience to make sure that when the customer is interacting with us in that mobile space that it’s intuitive, it’s easy, it fits the device, it fits the screen they are on and it fits the customer interactions they are used to,” Dargis said. 

The new pizza builder expands on the last update in 2014, the company said. The first pizza builder was introduced in 2008.

With the coming changes, Dargis said the experience will be cleaner, more intuitive and faster. 

“It’s one more step on the path toward making it easier,” he said of what he called a “significant redesign.”

Pizza Hut is planning other changes in its digital offerings later in the year, Dargis said.

They all build on recent offerings such as ordering through Amazon’s Alexa, which debuted in December, as well as social platform sign-ins, a visible pizza promise time, popular pizzas, one-touch reordering, chatbots and Visa Checkout.

“All of these combine to greatly simplify the customer experience and make sure that however the customer wants to interact with us that is fast and easy to do so,” Dargis said.

“This isn’t just one or two things that Pizza Hut is doing,” he added. “Our focus is on the customer and making it fast and easy for the customer to our pizza.” 

Pizza Hut was a pioneer in Internet-ordered products, launching its efforts in California, in 1994.

All of the digital platform changes are aimed at improving the consumer experience, Dargis said.

“Ultimately, it will serve the customer’s need,” he said. “They are not looking for blinking lights and pictures. They want something simple. … Ultimately, they are trying to get food on the table and feed their friends and family.”

Pizza Hut has more than 16,400 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

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