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NRN editors want to know: What technology questions are keeping you up at night?

Restaurant tech may open new doors for operators and drive convenience for consumers, but it’s also complex and, at times, overwhelming. We’re here to fix that.

Technology has become an incredible resource for restaurant operators, powering efficient off-premises service channels and allowing customers to have direct access to their favorite brands — often with plenty of data points available to restaurateurs from those interactions.

But restaurant technology is also evolving at a light-speed pace; what’s common today barely existed even two years ago. And with operators already burdened by supply chain bottlenecks and massive labor shortages, figuring out which tech platforms to subscribe to, how to integrate them into an operation and how to glean valuable information on the back end can be a significant challenge.

The editors at Nation’s Restaurant News are here to help. In November, we’re bringing together a panel of experts to answer your most burning tech-related questions. Whether it’s related to back-office tools or product integration or serving in the virtual marketplace, we’re going to troubleshoot your biggest tech headaches and offer a blueprint for the future.

Do you have technology questions you’ve been dying to have answered? Email them to editor-in-chief Sam Oches at [email protected] and we’ll hunt down the answers for you.

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