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Why colleges are ripe for restaurant growth, according to The Halal Shack founder

Despite suffering through a period with closed campuses, Jamal Rasoully is bullish on the college and university foodservice category.


If you thought the Covid-19 pandemic was bad for the restaurant industry, just imagine how things were for the college and university foodservice segment. Campuses across the country closed for several months. And no students meant no foodservice — on or off premises.

But Jamal Rasoully didn’t let the business interruption get him down. The founder and CEO of The Halal Shack pressed forward with his business, finding creative ways to keep the brand afloat. To date The Halal Shack, which first launched at Rasoully’s alma mater of SUNY Albany, has locations at more than a dozen campuses.

In this special bonus episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches, Rasoully shares how The Halal Shack got through the pandemic and why he’s still dedicated to running restaurants on college and university campuses.

This episode was recorded live at the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association’s (IFMA) COEX conference in Austin, Texas, where suppliers, distributors, operators and other stakeholders in the foodservice supply chain came together to discuss the many issues bearing down on the industry.

For more from the COEX event and an interview with IFMA president and CEO Phil Kafarakis, click here.

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