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Restaurant technology experts Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn detail the path brands can take to digital maturity

The authors share tips from their latest book, Delivering the Digital Restaurant: The Path to Digital Maturity, in a recent LinkedIn Live hosted by NRN.


Two years after releasing their seminal book on digital innovation in the foodservice industry, Delivering the Digital Restaurant: Your Roadmap to the Future of Food, restaurant tech experts (and Nation’s Restaurant News Speakerbox contributors) Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn released a follow-up that leads operators deeper into digital innovation.

Delivering the Digital Restaurant: The Path to Digital Maturity, now available digitally and in paperback, offers eight chapters exploring how restaurant operators can evolve from digital tools as a post-COVID necessity to e-commerce platform uniquely in tune with the wants and needs of consumers. The book taps into expert interviews and insights to illustrate the potential of digital and includes worksheets at the end of each chapter providing tips and encouraging self-reflection from readers.

Following the release of the book, Sandland and Orsbourn joined NRN editor-in-chief Sam Oches for a LinkedIn Live discussion about digital evolution in the restaurant industry, how this evolution is creating opportunities for brands to better access and understand customers and their behaviors, and what has changed since Meredith and Carl wrote their first Delivering the Digital Restaurant book in 2021. Stream the video below or listen on the latest episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches.


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