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New franchise Larks Entertainment ushers in second wave of eatertainment

With a modular franchising model, Larks aims to help lower the barrier of entry into eatertainment — and welcome a whole host of new experiences.


Eatertainment is surging in popularity, with concepts ranging from pickleball to shuffleboard to mini-golf introducing more Americans to the idea of engaging in social activities while noshing on high-quality food and beverage.

But as eatertainment concepts proliferate, some limitations to the category have presented themselves. For one, eatertainment concepts tend to require large footprints to fit their activities, and real estate is already at a premium in most markets across the country. For another, the scale of these locations requires a large investment, thereby being cost-prohibitive for many franchisees.

Curt Skallerup, founder and CEO of the eatertainment company Larks Entertainment, wants to conquer these challenges. Skallerup was a part of the first wave of eatertainment, having founded and scaled Altitude Trampoline Park before selling that concept. Now he’s launching Larks, which is boasting a modular franchise model where franchisees can choose from a portfolio of concepts to build out their own eatertainment footprints. The model will allow them to keep costs and real estate small if they so choose. The first six concepts will be Larks Shuffleboard Club, Larks Putt Club, Larkade, Obstacle Adventures, Blast Legends and Larks Kitchen and Bar. 

Skallerup joined the latest episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches to talk about the second wave of eatertainment and how it can go from trend and novelty to social mainstay in markets both big and small.

In this conversation, you’ll learn more about:

  • We are in the midst of eatertainment’s second wave, and it’s driven by adults
  • Modular franchising could be the key to eatertainment’s growth potential
  • To drive frequency, eatertainment will need to focus on value
  • Eatertainment is adapting to appeal to all generations
  • There’s room for everyone in the eatertainment space

Contact Sam Oches at [email protected].


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