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How technology is central to Chipotle’s guest and employee experience

As the brand’s senior director of guest and employee experience, Ronald Benjamin is tapping into technology to ease operations while providing better customer service.


Chipotle has emerged in the past half-decade as a leader in restaurant technology. And as that technology continues to drive both its guest experience and that of its employees, there’s one man who is tasked with bringing those things together: Ronald Benjamin.

Benjamin is Chipotle’s senior director of guest and employee experience, and he’s in charge of customer care, social media, the employee service center and even the IT help desk at the fast-casual leader.

He joined the latest episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches to talk about his big job, how the guest and employee experiences are interconnected and how technology is bringing all of this together in one big opportunity to provide great customer service.

In this conversation, you’ll learn why:

  • Technology is your centralized view into all things related to both customers and employees
  • Leveraging AI and personalized hospitality today is not an either/or situation but a both/and
  • You should be proactive in addressing anything that might go wrong for the customer
  • Customers who had a bad experience get corrected tend to come back even more
  • One of the best ways to support employees is to automate the mundane
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