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How Robeks’ president is leveraging his dual role as franchisee to build business

David Rawnsley shares his unique perspective as a president who also happens to own two locations


The relationship between franchisees and franchisors can often be tenuous. After all, corporate executives are making decisions that affect the profitability and livelihood of their owner-operators — and they don’t always see eye-to-eye on what’s best for the brand.

The relationship between franchisees and the corporate team at Robeks, at least, seems to be pretty secure. That’s because the company’s president, David Rawnsley, has the unique position of also being a franchisee, owning two locations with his wife.

Rawnsley joined the latest episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches to share how his position as both corporate executive and franchisee has provided him a unique perspective that is helping to drive average unit volumes at the brand upward.

In this conversation, you’ll find out why:

  • Decisions made at the corporate level have effects on franchisees that are not always easy to see
  • Franchisees’ perception of their corporate team is often reality — for better or worse
  • Leading by influence rather than by command and control is generally more effective
  • The digital revolution allows for incremental sales that improve your unit economics
  • The increase in AUVs is leading to the real estate squeeze

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