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How Raising Cane’s is sustaining momentum

The fastest-growing chicken chain’s co-CEO AJ Kumaran shares the secret to the company’s explosive success, which includes 100 units planned for 2022.


In the span of the pandemic’s two years, Raising Cane’s has gone from being one of the chicken category’s best-kept secrets to becoming one of its more formidable players.

The chicken-finger chain opened more than 120 locations between 2020 and 2021, and recently celebrated its milestone 600th restaurant, which opened in Corona, California. In 2022, Raising Cane’s is planning 100 more unit openings, which, according to the company, make it the fastest-growing chicken chain in America. The new locations will create some 15,000 new jobs across 10 markets.

AJ Kumaran, co-CEO of Raising Cane’s, credits the brand’s commitment to its employees for its sustained momentum. That commitment recently landed Raising Cane’s on Glassdoor’s most recent “100 Best Places to Work in the U.S.” list.

Kumaran joined the most recent episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches to share more about how the company has managed to sustain its growth momentum while navigating all of the challenges of the past two years. In this conversation, you’ll find out why: 

  • Showing your appreciation for your team members can go along away
  • You should train your teams well in advance of growth
  • The human touch still counts for something
  • There’s nowhere to hide from inflation                    

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