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Food hall developer bets that Americans are ready for more in-person experiences

The Food Hall Co., a subsidiary of FB Society, has opened sprawling, one-stop-shop properties with food stalls and live experiences


There’s no doubt that American consumers are ready for more in-person experiences after two years of restraint.

The Food Hall Co. is ready to capitalize on that demand. The food-hall developer and operator, which is a subsidiary of FB Society — operator of brands such as Sixty Vines, Whiskey Cake, and Haywire — has two sprawling complexes that are designed to be one-stop shop experiences where communities can gather, eat, and enjoy themselves on-premises.

Legacy Hall, in Plano, Texas, comprises roughly 60,000 square feet, while Assembly Food Hall in Nashville is about 100,000 square feet. Each offers at least 20 food stalls along with full-service restaurants, bars, live entertainment, and much more.

In this episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches, Sam talks with Food Hall Co. CEO Michael Morris, who discusses how food halls have emerged from the pandemic, how they serve as a food and culture hub for their markets, and how they can continue to expand considering the challenges of finding great real estate today.

In this conversation, you’ll find out why: 

  • Food halls are a good option for operators who don’t want to think about build-out, maintenance, and other administrative duties
  • Food halls’ success is dependent upon everyone finding something they can enjoy
  • People are social creatures, and food halls could stand to benefit the most from that post-COVID
  • Food halls’ adaptability make them perfect for most any market
  • Constant evolution is key to bringing guests back to food halls, but more in programming than stalls

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