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4 things every franchisor should remember in the midst of crisis

Penn Station East Coast Subs president Craig Dunaway offers his blueprint for navigating his franchisees through the pandemic, labor crisis and supply chain shortages.


While the pandemic has forced every restaurant executive into difficult decisions, franchisors have had the added complexity of working with dozens if not hundreds of franchisees to help them navigate the crisis while also ensuring those owner-operators’ profitability.

Penn Station East Coast Subs is one such company. The 315-unit, Ohio-based sandwich concept is entirely franchised, with the exception of one corporate-owned location.

In this episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches, Craig Dunaway, president of Penn Station, shares how the company has developed a relentless focus on franchisee success as a means for emerging from the pandemic, the labor crisis and supply chain issues. You’ll find out why: 

  • The closer a franchise owner is to the counter, the better an experience for both the customer and the employee
  • In the midst of supply chain issues, you should focus your messaging around parts of your menu that don’t get much attention
  • Not all digital tools are a perfect fit for every brand
  • Through thick and thin, communication with your franchise base is key to success

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