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11 lessons for restaurant leaders from 2022

Brand founders and executives offer insights into the tips and strategies that worked for their businesses this year.


Another year is written into the history books.

So how will the restaurant industry remember 2022? Will it be remembered for the impressive array of technological innovations that helped operators gain better access to their customers? Or for the supply chain disruptions that forced brands to press pause on their expansion plans? Or perhaps for the extremely shallow labor pool that led restaurants to cut back on operating hours and streamline their businesses? 

The answer is all of the above — and more. Operators leveraged a number of innovative tools and strategies to better their businesses in 2022, navigating the variety of challenges they faced in their own unique ways. Many of them shared their insights and advice on Nation’s Restaurant News’ podcast Take-Away with Sam Oches, hosted by NRN’s editor-in-chief, with Oches digesting each leader’s wisdom into his take-aways from every episode — actionable insights that listeners can take with them on the go.

In the latest episode of Take-Away, Oches shares his top take-aways of 2022. After 48 episodes and hundreds of practical tips from an elite group of restaurant industry leaders, he zeros in on 11 pieces of advice from a variety of industry founders and executives.

To hear more from the 11 leaders featured in this episode, check out the episodes below:

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