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New Oneida Innovation Disrupts the Tabletop Industry with Digital Tabletop Design and Sampling Experience for Owners & Operators

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Oneida, a leader in the tabletop industry and foodservice market, continues to bring world-class innovation with a new digital tabletop design and sampling experience that truly is the first of its kind to hit the foodservice industry. Plate Envy™ will forever change how operators design the dining experience, allowing operators to quickly and seamlessly set their vision on the table with a 3D visualizer.

On the heels of its own Hospitality Summit, Disrupt or Be Disrupted, the Company is using NRA2018 to unveil its new technology and industry disruptor; poised to forever transform the way operators do business – with ease and simplicity.

“We’ve talked to a lot of operators, and we understand how much blood, sweat, and tears go into the unique guest experiences they’re creating,” says Jeff Jarrett, CMO of The Oneida Group. “Operators told us they need an easier, more updated, digital way to find products that match their vision. So, we put a lot of research and time into creating a quick, easy way to get that vision out of their heads and onto their tables.”

Until now, operators were forced to spend countless grueling hours scouring tabletop catalogs for just the right pieces to bring their unique and specific vision to life. Plate Envy™ from Oneida allows operators to skip the antiquated hunting process, bringing their tabletop vision to life in three easy steps: Discover. Visualize. Sample. It starts with a few questions to discover your vision, moves to a 3D visualizer for you to see it on the table, and ends with an easy sample order so you can get your new tabletop onto the tables in your restaurant.

Oneida knows how crucial the tabletop is to complete the one-of-a-kind dining experience that will keep guests coming back. “Unifying your dining concept with the tabletop design helps to define the guest's experience to create a lasting memory," says Paul Gebhardt, SVP of Design & Creative Director of The Oneida Group. "The meal is a true multi-sensory experience, and we want to leverage tabletop design to help the visual, tactile and emotional elements of the meal combine to create a truly enviable tabletop."

“We created Plate Envy™ to recommend dinnerware, glassware, and flatware combinations tailored to each operator's unique vision,” Oneida’s Jarrett says. “As a leading manufacturer, innovation is front and center for us. We’re really excited about this new way to partner with operators in driving successful, memorable guest experiences.”

How Plate Envy™ Works:

The tool works by walking users through a three-step process.

1. It starts by asking a handful of questions to discover your restaurant’s style, setting, and

2. The tool responds with recommended place settings to match your restaurant’s aesthetic and your personal vision. Place settings come to life in 3D on a virtual table, so you can visualize and swap dinnerware, flatware, and glassware to see how various combinations look together. Unlike flat photography, the 3D imagery puts contours in perspective, so you can tell how deep a soup bowl is or whether the lip of a dinner plate flares the way you want it to.

3. That makes it easier to narrow down your top choices, so you can request physical samples to try out—and have a high degree of confidence those products are likely to meet your needs.

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