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Introducing Fat Spatula

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Introducing Fat Spatula, offering three essential cooking accessories all in one.  Jace Sargent of SARCO Products LLC says that "Fat Spatula was originally designed to squeeze excess fat from skillet fried foods.  It wasn't until we developed our first working proto-type that we realized it's versatility and could be used as a spatula, tongs and strainer for a variety of foods."  This 3-in1 patented design features a spring-controlled thumb press used to lower the wire grid for easier food control.  Jace also points out that "Many people think our brand name Fat Spatula comes from our signature wide spatula head.. but it actually originated from the designs ability to drain excess fat from fried foods."  

Fat Spatula is crafted with hygienic nylon and polished stainless steel materials that are completely dishwasher safe.  The durable ABS handle is finger-grooved for a secure and comfortable grip.  The thumb-press is designed to lock down wire grid when not in use for easier storage.

We want to thank everyone who has been supportive of this new Fat Spatula brand.. and we are pleased to announce that two new models are currently in the works.  

Fat Spatula is distributed by SARCO Products LLC and retails for $12.99. For further information, visit or email us at: [email protected]

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