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How to prioritize at work and beyond

This video post is part of Sullivision on, a resource center for restaurants looking for service, leadership and sales-building techniques from industry expert and NRN columnist Jim Sullivan.

It can be tough to maintain a balance between family, work and friends with the kind of schedules we carry in this faster-harder-smarter-more world where we all live and work.

Is it even possible for a restaurant operator to maintain this balance, given the daily demands on time and attention?

This short training video,"Priorities and work-family balance," argues that aiming for 'balance' is the wrong target and suggests a different practical and philosophical way to address the many priorities that frame your day. In less than a minute, the clip reveals a creative approach to aligning key priorities for work, family, friends, health and social spheres.  

The video is excerpted from the 90-minute-long DVD "60 Second Lessons in Leadership," available at

Jim Sullivan is chief executive and founder of, which designs leadership, service and sales-building products, programs and services for the Top 200 restaurant and retail brands worldwide. Clients include McDonald’s, American Express and Walt Disney Company.Sullivan is also a popular keynote speaker at leadership conferences worldwide. More information on Sullivision and its products and services can be found at

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