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Going Deep (Frying)

Going Deep (Frying)

Using value-added deep frying oils can help chain operators cut costs, drive sales during COVID-19 and beyond

Sponsored by Stratas

To thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic, chain restaurant operators continue to adjust their businesses in ways both large and small. According to a new survey of chain restaurant operators conducted by Stratas Foods, makers of Frymax and Mazola frying oils, and Nation’s Restaurant News, one small shift more operators are making is increasing their use of deep fryers to quickly and easily prepare the fried foods consumers are craving now. For operators who use deep fryers, these survey findings present a big opportunity to realize hard cost savings and numerous intangible benefits simply by switching to value-added High Oleic oils.

Download this information-packed white paper to learn the difference between value-added oils and commodity oils, and how switching to Stratas High Oleic frying oils can help you to:

  • lower your frying oil costs
  • reduce your labor and waste costs
  • improve the taste, flavor and quality of your menu items
  • drive traffic and sales at your restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic—and beyond