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Are wobbly tables damaging your brand?

As a chain owner/operator, wobbly tables could be costing you plenty. Apply for a FREE no-risk trial!

Sponosred by FLAT® Tech

FLAT® Tech understands the tremendous strain modern restaurant and hospitality corporations are under to build a business model that is both competitive and profitable.  The current market landscape is heavily saturated, exposed to tremendous customer criticism, and eroded by rising labor and overhead costs.  Proposing that you spend more on something as seemingly ordinary as tables is a hard thing to quantify.  We get it. 

However, FLAT tables bases and FLAT Equalizers shouldn’t be seen as a luxury purchase, but a strategic investment that pays dividends in three core areas of your hospitality and restaurant business.  This article will help you understand both the impact on your business FLAT Tech products can have.

Operational Efficiency

Firstly, chains should consider the daily costs of having staff constantly dealing with unstable tables.  We’ve spoken with many servers and owner/operators who have shared stories of how much time they spend using shims, wedges, and improvised materials to remedy wobbly tables for guests.  The time your staff devotes to dealing with furniture is time they could be spending attending to guests or focusing on more critical operations.

FLAT products also open new opportunities for dining areas and potential revenues.  Whether its, sidewalk seating, patios, or areas with natural material floors, you are losing table turns that could contribute to more profit.  These areas are usually tricky for traditional table bases to handle, but FLAT products make it easy to expand your possibilities.

Loss of Brand Reputation

Restaurant and Hospitality companies spend Billions every year to build a compelling brand position to attract and retain customers.  The hours spent developing the perfect menu, training staff to provide exceptional service, and designing a fantastic atmosphere for your guests are all crucial to standing out in a crowded market.  Why allow the table your guests are seated at to undermine all your effort and hard work?  We live in an age of technological wonder, where people can instantly take out their smart devices and share their thoughts on your business with the whole world.  Just do a quick search on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Yelp for "wobbly tables" and see what customers really think of this problem. Having the right tables that operate properly mean the problem doesn’t exist, but when the table is damaged, misaligned, or unstable for guests, then nothing else you’re doing matters nearly as much. 

Breakage and Spillage

Ever considered the hard costs of replacing broken or damaged service ware caused by unstable and misaligned tables in your dining areas? The 'FLAT ROI Calculator' can give you detailed numbers on the impact broken serviceware and replaced food is having on your profitability.

Breaks and spills also cause embarrassing and stressful situations for your guests and staff as they deal with broken glass and spilled/tainted food and beverages.  Having wobbly tables that knock over glasses and unsettle dishes can also make visitors feel unsafe in your facility, which will significantly impact their willingness to visit again.

Protect and grow your market segment with an ounce of prevention by investing in FLAT table bases or FLAT Equalizers.  These patented and innovative products completely alleviate the problems caused by wobbly and misaligned tables for your guests.

FLAT Tech has developed a sophisticated ‘ROI Cost Calculator’ that allows our team to ask questions about your operations and give you a detailed report on the impact inferior tables could be having on your business. We can go through the calculator with you to show the real numbers on how wobbly tables can be affecting your bottom line. We’d love to schedule an appointment to help you understand the costs and benefits of partnering with FLAT.

We’re confident you will be delighted by the performance of any of the FLAT products and the service you will receive from our team.  There is so much riding on each and every customer interaction.  Set the stage for success by seating your guests at a table secured by FLAT table bases or FLAT Equalizers.

To learn more, contact our professional staff that will be happy to help you find the perfect option for you.  Visit to learn more.

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