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Denny's targets Millennials with new animated web series

Denny's targets Millennials with new animated web series

“The Grand Slams” is designed to go viral on social media

Denny’s will launch a new animated web series on Oct. 15 that features its signature Grand Slam menu item.

The cartoon series “The Grand Slams” is the latest in Denny’s ongoing effort to reach Millennials with brand marketing designed specifically for viral social media play.

This is the latest web series from Denny’s since “Always Open” with David Koechner, which featured the comedian interviewing celebrities in a Denny’s restaurant booth. That series launched in 2011 and had a second season in 2012.

While “Always Open” had little to do with breakfast, “The Grand Slams” makes direct references to eggs, bacon, sausage and pancakes.

In fact, those are the main characters.

The first episode follows a diner debate on the merits of dessert versus breakfast, resulting in a “savory standoff where Bacon and Sausage take on sweet and tasty Pancake,” according to press materials.

Seven episodes will be released through January, and story lines will touch on Halloween, “a Bold Coffee emergency” and more.

The series was developed in partnership with Burbank, Calif.-based Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the creative force behind the stop-motion TV show “Robot Chicken,” as well as “WWE Slam City” for Mattel and MAD’s “Spy vs. Spy.”

John Dillon, Denny’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement: “As we continue to grow as a brand and engage with our Millennial audience both on- and offline, it is important we extend conversations beyond our diner walls and into the social world where they live and breathe. Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has helped us to create this unique series that brings our brand to life in a fun, fresh way, which will allow us to connect in a manner that’s relevant and on their terms.”

In addition to watching episodes online at, guests can scan QR codes on Denny’s placemats in restaurants or through the chain’s mobile app, where they can learn more about the cast.

Earlier this year, Denny’s entered new territory with the launch of Denny’s Latino on Facebook, featuring original and curated content designed to engage Hispanic guests, a demographic that is increasingly active on social media.

The chain has also featured standalone digital content videos tied to specific promotions, like “Baconalia” in 2011 and 2013, and the “Skillet Whisperer” in 2012.

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