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Yellowtail crudo

Cull & Pistol, New York City

This dish is chef David Seigal’s first raw preparation at this seafood restaurant, which is named for the terms for a lobster missing one claw — a cull — and a lobster missing both claws — a pistol.

First, he thinly slices yellowtail tuna and alternates it with thin grilled slices of his favorite fruit — peaches — keeping the peach slices smaller than the yellowtail.

“With crudo, you want the fish to shine,” Seigal said.

He garnishes the dish with sea beans, for crunch and salt, and sliced red Holland chiles that he slightly chars with a blowtorch. The process simultaneously warms the fish a little.

“Because of the fat content of the yellowtail, when you warm it, it melts in your mouth a little better,” he said.

Seigal finishes the dish with yuzu juice and thinly sliced peaches that he compresses in a vacuum sealer with pickle juice made with rice wine vinegar, sugar, coriander, star anise, clove, cinnamon, chile flakes, black peppercorn and salt.

The appetizer is priced at $15.

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