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Arby's, Boston Market, Shaw's Crab House release seafood dishes in anticipation of Lent

See how restaurant chains across the country are catering to Catholics who avoid red meat, poultry on Fridays

Promoting new or favorite fish and seafood specials this time of year used to be exclusively intended to cater to diners who observe Lent, the six-week period leading up to Easter when many Catholics abstain from red meat and poultry.  These days, savvy operators—some inspired by previous February and March sales increases—are offering all manner of fish sandwiches, platters, appetizers and pre-fixe catered not only to those observing the Lenten holiday, but also to the increasing number of consumers who are giving up meat for other reasons.

Here is a taste of some of the seasonal fish- and seafood-focused specials chains across the country have already added to, or will soon include on, their menus:

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