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NRN editors discuss Yum Brands’ possible acquisition, California’s latest restaurant bill and Crisp & Green

Plus hear from Prakash Karamchandani (PK), co-founder and CEO of Balance Grille


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, a production of Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Leigh Anne Zinsmeister talked about Yum Brands’ latest news.

Yum’s CEO David Gibbs recently announced the possibility of an acquisition or two. What does it mean for one of the biggest restaurant companies in the world to announce the possibility of more acquisitions?

Next, the editors talked about California’s latest restaurant bill. The controversial bill was once part of the FAST Act, another bill that’s been delayed in California. This bill, which the International Franchise Association vehemently opposes, says that franchisees and restaurant companies will share responsibility if labor laws or standards are violated.

Finally, the editors talked about Crisp & Green. The fast-casual salad brand seems to have catapulted into everyone’s minds and is growing at record speed throughout the Midwest. It has just opened its first of several New York City locations. Is this the next Crumbl Cookies?

This week’s guest is Prakash Karamchandani (PK), co-founder and CEO of Balance Grille.


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