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NRN editors discuss rent delinquency, eating ‘well’ in the new year, and C-suite changes

Plus hear from James and Johanna Windon, co-owners of Buena Papa


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, an award-winning product of Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches, Leigh Anne Zinsmeister, and Alicia Kelso talked about the trend of healthy eating post-New Year’s.

Chains like Sweetgreen and Chipotle have already come out with New Year's deals and new products to encourage customers to eat healthily. Are consumers tired of this marketing or is it here to stay? The team discussed.

Also, the team discussed the latest rent delinquency numbers which showed that 52% of independent restaurants couldn’t pay rent in the month of December, a traditionally lucrative month for restaurants. What does this mean for the future of independent restaurants, and will this lead to more closures? Hear more on the pod.

And finally, the team discussed the flurry of C-suite changes in the first week of the year. While this time of year typically sees a lot of C-suite changes, this year appears to have more in store. The team discussed what this could portend for the year and how it compares to years past.

This week’s interview is James and Johanna Windon, the co-owners of Buena Papa, a French fry concept operating out of Raleigh, N.C.

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