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NRN editors discuss the recession, McDonald’s marketing and the state of plant-based burgers

Plus hear interviews with the owner of Mugshots Grill and the CEO of The Melt


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, an award-winning product of Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Joanna Fantozzi spoke about McDonald’s latest marketing efforts.

In the past week, McDonald’s both stepped up its marketing efforts when it comes to SMS texts as well as amped up its efforts around the McGold card, a special rewards card mostly known amongst celebrities prior to this campaign. The team discussed what this new investment in both technology and marketing means for the largest chain in the U.S. by same-store sales.

Also, the team discussed Amanda Cohen’s new plant-based concept Lekka Burger. The chef and owner of Michelin-award-winning Dirt Candy in New York City just opened the second location of her burger concept that she and her partner are calling “the Shake Shack of vegan burgers.” The team discussed if this is true and if plant-based burgers have hit a point of oversaturation.

Finally, the team talked about how restaurant sales are strong after a rough few months. A recent study showed that the past two months have shown the strongest sales for restaurants since March, largely due to inflation. The team discussed what that means and the future of the industry in an environment of inflation and a recession.

This week, there are two interviews. One with Mugshots Grill owner Ron Savell and another with Ralph Bower, CEO of The Melt.

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