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NRN editors discuss KFC’s new wraps, McDonald’s earnings and marketing, and TikTok

Plus hear from Alessandro Biggi, cofounder of Avocaderia


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, an award-winning product from Nation’s Restaurant News, NRN editors Holly Petre, Alicia Kelso, and Bret Thorn discussed KFC’s new wraps.

Earlier in the week, Kelso had the chance to tour the KFC headquarters and brought back some stories, including the launch of KFC wraps. Fried chicken wraps were, in fact, one of Thorn’s predictions for the new year. The editors discussed wraps in the restaurant industry and what this means for a KFC trying to skew younger.

Next, the team discussed McDonald’s earnings. The quick-service chain reported over 10% same-store sales growth for the quarter, mostly due to marketing. The team discussed what operational complexity looks like at McDonald’s when it comes to LTOs and what its “marketing war chest” has done so far.

Finally, the team discussed TikTok. Petre wrote a piece earlier this week about TikTok’s growth in the restaurant sector and how the app is impacting sales. The team discussed what the app stands for and how it attracts restaurant workers.

This week’s interview is with Alessandro Biggi, co-founder of New York City-based chain Avocaderia. The brand has four locations and is opening another two this year.

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