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Meet About T:me, the newest coffee shop taking the automat route

The 3-unit chain in New York City is expanding rapidly and has plans for more locations

About T:me, New York’s newest automated coffee shop, is expanding fast. Take some time to learn more about this emerging chain.

The brand opened three shops in the month of April in the country’s largest city and uses advanced technology to make its coffee drinks. That tech includes Eversys machines that can brew up to 200 cups of coffee per hour.

Those machines can also pour milk and coffee at the same time, reducing waste that traditional coffee shops produce — around 10% to 20% of milk waste is produced when creating a latte in a traditional setting.

Many people come into the store to eat the foam off the cappuccino with a spoon. Even after 20-30 minutes, the foam remains on About T:me’s coffee drinks.

The spill-proof technology used on both the hot and cold drinks were inspired by the coffee spills on a laptop, which lead to a can for cold drinks and a spill-proof lid for hot ones. About T:me wants to provide grab-and-go coffee at a premium quality.

Yet another machine cans the drinks.

A lot of customers also love to pour the milk into the canned cold brew drinks and watch the milk tie dye the brown coffee in the store.

Watch a video of the experience in-store on our TikTok and Instagram here.

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