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Chopt is unveiling a new loyalty program.

Chopt partners with fitness influencer Cody Rigsby, launches new app

The New York City-based fast-casual restaurant has embraced the third wave of loyalty apps

New York City-based salad restaurant Chopt Creative Salad Co. revealed a new loyalty app  on Wednesday. The new app will debut nationwide on April 25 and incorporates a three-level tiered status for customers.

The fast-casual chain’s Chopt Rewards program’s three tiers include Member, VIP, and Elite. All levels are available to customers without a subscription.

“The foundation of Chopt has always been to let our customers choose,” said Colin McCabe, founder of Chopt, in a statement. “Just as we offer endless choices for salad customization, we wanted our new loyalty program to reflect that with the most reward options in the industry — for our passionate fans.”

New customers will receive a welcome gift of 500 points when they sign up and place their first order.

Chopt Rewards gives customers access to:

  • Points earned with every order and fully customize the redemption of those points;
  • Chopt status as they spend more to unlock bonus perks;
  • Members-only special events;
  • Pop-up challenges (e.g.: order a “must try” item to receive $5 off the next order);
  • Express pickup time for Elite customers; and
  • Take home free bottled dressings.

The app features an integration with Toast to offer in-store loyalty so customers can redeem rewards and earn points when ordering at the restaurant by scanning their Chopt App QR code. 

This is in line with the third-wave loyalty app covered by Nation’s Restaurant News that’s fully customizable and includes rewards and custom meals rather than a simple points system for a generic food item.

Chopt also announced its newest collaboration with fitness instructor and influencer Cody Rigsby.

Cody’s Hot and Crunchy Salad is available through May 8, featuring arugula, romaine, grilled chicken, egg whites, carrots, celery, pepper jack, tortilla chips, buffalo hot sauce and buttermilk ranch. 

Rigsby, who began his career as a dancer, gained social-media fame when he became a coach at Peloton, where he was livestreamed by the fitness platform. Since then, he has competed on Dancing with the Stars and has become a social-media influencer in his own right.

Other celebrity and influencer collaborations for Chopt have included NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and celebrity chef and author Jessica Seinfeld.

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