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Friendsgiving_News-1.jpg Taco Bell
Some Taco Bell Rewards members will earn free holiday side dishes for Friendsgiving.

Taco Bell’s elite Rewards members can earn free Friendsgiving Party Packs

Those with ‘Fire!’ status can earn Cinnabon Delights Candied Yams and Taco Supreme-inspired Green Bean Casserole

Taco Bell is inserting its brand into the family holiday meal of the most loyal fans this year with a new Friendsgiving Party Pack launched Wednesday.

Available on a first come, first served basis, the party pack is available for free to loyalty club members who reach “Fire!” Rewards status. 

The elite group will be emailed a link with instructions on how to order the party packs, which include ready-to-heat Taco Bell-inspired items, like Cinnabon Delights Candied Yams; dinner rolls with hot sauce packet butter; Green Bean Casserole Supreme with the “cheesy and craveable components of a Taco Supreme;” and a Build Your Own Dessert Nachos option, with chocolate and caramel sauces and crunchy toppings to drizzle over shortbread cookies.

The dishes will be delivered in reusable ceramic Taco Bell-branded bakeware with Friendsgiving décor on Nov. 19.

Taco Bell has long offered Friendsgiving-related promotions and recipe suggestions, like a Shepherd’s Pie made from Crunchy Tacos. But this latest offering marks a growing trend of exclusive rewards for the most rabid fans. 

McDonald’s operators in Chicago offered a party at the chain’s headquarters to its most loyal fan.  Del Taco recently revamped its loyalty program into a tiered system with special rewards for heavy users. Chipotle Mexican Grill also recently added new Extras features to its loyalty program to “supercharge the superfans.

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