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These new energy drinks are iced, fruity, and tea-based.

Starbucks adds sparkling tea-based energy drinks to the menu

Melon Burst Iced Energy and Tropical Citrus Iced Energy are Starbucks’ first handcrafted energy drinks on the menu

Starbucks is adding handcrafted energy drinks to the permanent menu for the first time starting Tues. June 25. Melon Burst Iced Energy and Tropical Citrus Iced Energy are both sparkling, tea-based energy drinks.

  • Melon Burst Iced Energy is an iced bubbly drink made with melon and cucumber flavors with a passion tango tea base, and contains 205 mg of caffeine (roughly the same as a grande Starbucks cold brew coffee)
  • Tropical Citrus Iced Energy is an iced bubbly drink flavored with passionfruit and citrus, with a mint green tea base, which contains 180 mg of caffeine (roughly somewhere between the caffeine content of a tall and grande Starbucks cold brew coffee)

Starbucks first hinted that the company would be adding non-coffee-based energy drinks to the permanent menu during the company’s last earnings call in May. CEO Laxman Narasimhan said that the Seattle-based chain would begin offering low-calorie, lighter energy drinks and sugar-free customization options to appeal to health-conscious younger generations. NRN also predicted that energy drinks and boba mix-ins would soon be on the Starbucks menu in January as Starbucks tries to keep up with younger competitors in the coffee sector.

In addition to these new energy drinks, Starbucks is also introducing nondairy vanilla sweet cream and nondairy vanilla sweet cream cold foam, which can be added to any beverage, but will specifically be featured in the nondairy salted caramel cookie matcha (a new LTO for summer), nondairy vanilla sweet cream cold brew, nondairy chocolate cream cold brew, and nondairy salted caramel cream cold brew.

On the food side of the menu, Starbucks is adding an egg, pesto, and mozzarella sandwich and blueberry streusel muffin to the permanent menu.

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