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Sonic Drive-In's new Flavorista Favorites

Sonic Drive-In to roll out curated beverage lineup

The Flavorista Favorites will be introduced at the X Games Ventura this weekend

Sonic Drive-In is launching a line of curated beverages called Flavorista Favorites that includes flavored sodas, slushes, and lemonades, the quick-service chain announced Monday.

The six new drinks will be introduced this Friday at the X Games Ventura, which the chain is sponsoring, and they will be available systemwide via the chain’s app starting July 1.

The new drinks are:

Classic Cruiser: Cola mixed with cherry vanilla, starting at $2.89

Twisted Flamingo: Lemon lime soda with cherry vanilla and sweet cream, starting at $3.19

Paradise Sunset: A carbonated blood orange drink with strawberries, starting at $3.19

Rainbow Slush: Blue raspberry syrup, strawberries, and lemonade blended with ice, starting at $2.99

Lemonade Cream Cooler: Lemonade slush blended with soft serve, starting at $4.29

Grape Escape: Grape soda with lime, starting at $2.89

Sonic, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, has long been known for its customizable drinks. These new drinks, developed by the 3,500-unit chain’s product development team, reinforce that tradition.

Earlier this year, Sonic added the option to add coconut cream and lime to any of its drinks for an additional $1.30 as part of a broader national “dirty soda” trend, in which customers add syrups, dairy, or non-dairy milk substitutes (especially coconut cream), to their soft drinks.

Sonic’s vice president of culinary & menu innovation, Mackenzie Gibson, said the new drinks reinforced the chain’s leadership in beverages.

"As the trailblazers of drink customization, our new app-exclusive lineup, Flavorista Favorites, offers something special for every taste — whether it’s sweet, tangy, creamy or citrusy," she said in a release announcing the new options. "We’re unveiling these flavors at X Games Ventura Presented by Sonic this summer because the X Games embody the spirit of living free and escaping monotony, just as our drinks do for our fans. Previously, the number of ready-to-order drink combinations on our menu was limited to only a few Sonic signature drinks like Cherry Limeade and Ocean Water [Sprite with blue coconut flavor], but now with these new ready-to-order options, it’s easier than ever to enjoy the bold flavors at Sonic with just the push of a button!"

“Living free” and escaping monotony are themes in Sonic’s latest marketing initiative, Live Free Eat Sonic, which was launched earlier this month, positioning the chain as an out-of-the-ordinary quick-service option.

Before debuting them nationally, Sonic plans to serve the drinks to premium pass holders at the X Games Ventura at its Sonic Club ’95, where appearances of competitors Tyler Bereman and Bryce Wettstein are also scheduled.

Bereman, a freerider and 13-time X Games FMX medalist, endorsed the new products.

"Sonic is my go-to spot after a day on the dirt. Whether satisfying my sweet tooth or gearing up for the next competition, Sonic helps me enjoy every delicious twist along the way," he said in the release. "With Flavorista Favorites hitting the menu this summer, including my top pick, Paradise Sunset, there's room for new adventures and flavors alongside my old favorite, the Peanut Butter and Banana Shake."

Skateboard medalist Wettstein also gave her approval for the new items.

"Living free to me means embracing every moment with spontaneity — and that includes treating myself!” she said. “I've always been a fan of Sonic, especially their Chocolate Classic Shake and Chocolate Chunk Brownie Blast — plus, there's something about their classic Cheeseburger Combo that just hits the spot every time. Lately, when I'm craving something sweet and citrusy, my new favorite is the Lemonade Cream Cooler. It's the perfect refreshing pick-me-up, whether I'm songwriting, surfing or skateboarding."


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