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Podcast: Krystal’s all-you-can-eat deal helps iconic chain in the battle for dine-in customers

In this episode of Extra Serving, senior tech editor Nancy Luna speaks with Paul Macaluso about the deal's success

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When The Krystal Company launched an All-You-Can-Eat Krystals and Fries promotion for $5.99 over the Father’s Day weekend, the iconic Southeastern burger chain intended to keep the promotion around for about six weeks.

But due to overwhelming response to the deal, where one football team gobbled down up to 100 burgers in one setting, the brand has extended the deal through Aug 25.

“Overall our traffic and our sales have improved since the launch of this promotion,” Krystal CEO Paul Macaluso told Extra Serving, a weekly podcast by Nation’s Restaurant News.

Krystal has 345 stores across 10 states. That’s a lot of square burgers to give away over the summer. But Macaluso said it’s been worth it.

Besides improving dine-in sales, the promotion is getting diners – both heavy and lapsed users – to try the brand’s improved burger. The Atlanta-based chain recently changed how it cooks its burgers, resulting in a juicer more flavorful patty, Macaluso said.

To learn about the new cooking method and how Krystal is profiting from the all-you-can-eat deal, click on our Extra Serving podcast.

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