NRN editors discuss Fat Brands’ series of acquisitions, MOD’s plans to go public and RBI’s purchase of Firehouse Subs

Plus, hear from Gregg Koffler, the vice president of franchising for Roy Rogers, about the chain’s new franchising strategy and future plans


This week on the Extra Serving podcast, NRN editors Holly Petre, Sam Oches and Joanna Fantozzi discussed the planned acquisition of Firehouse Subs by Restaurant Brands International. The team covered what this additional brand can do for the RBI portfolio that already includes Popeyes, Tim Hortons and Burger King.  What does it mean that the group has acquired a sandwich brand? Are they trying to compete with Subway?

Also, the team discussed MOD Pizza’s plans to go public. The fast-casual pizza brand filed initial paperwork to go public but has yet to make a comment on the news. The NRN team talks about what it means that yet another chain has chosen to go public during this historic year for restaurant IPOs.

Lastly, NRN editors spoke about the latest acquisition from Fat Brands. The team discusses what it means that Fat Brands has made four major acquisitions in the past five months and what could be next for the restaurant company on a tear.

Be sure to check back at in early December for Fantozzi’s full analysis of Fat Brands.

This week’s interview is with Roy Rogers’ vice president of franchising Gregg Koffler. Koffler spoke with Fantozzi about the chain’s new franchising strategy and what’s up next for the iconic brand.

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