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Must-see videos: Taco Bell's clip show features $400 worth of tacos

NRN picks this week's top videos

Burger King is offering two Croissan’wiches for $4 at participating restaurants for a limited time. The newest Taco Bell Clip Show episode includes a Taco Bell shopping spree, a hilarious wisdom teeth and taco marriage, and more. Denny’s and the Tom Joyner Foundation are raising funds to create scholarships for first generation college students. Juice It Up! offers healthy, raw ingredients in smoothies, juices and bowls. Chipotle's ingredients watch a fireworks display.

Burger King promotes Croissan’wich made with 100-percent butter

Taco Bell's clip show features $400 worth of tacos

Denny's partners with Tom Joyner Foundation for first-generation students

Juice It Up! touts fresh ingredients

Chipotle: Burst of flavor

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