KFC introduces Extra Crispy Sunscreen

Must-see videos: KFC introduces Extra Crispy Sunscreen

NRN video picks you need to watch this week

Buffalo Wild Wings has tons TV’s and there’s sports on all of them. KFC made a sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. Burger King's new menu item is made with 100 percent beef and smothered in queso. The Panda Cares program is about "serving those who are underserved," says founder and chairman of Panda Restaurant Group Andrew Cherng. A group of veggie teens try to use fake I.D.s to gain entry onto the Wendy’s Baconator. 

Buffalo Wild Wings creates a heaven for sports fans

KFC introduces Extra Crispy Sunscreen

Burger King introduces the Whopperrito

Panda Cares gives back to children of the community

Wendy's won't allow veggies on its Baconator

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