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McDonald's gives away Special Sauce

Chain plans to give away bottles of Big Mac sauce as part of new ad campaign

Craving McDonald’s Corp.’s Special Sauce but don’t want to go get a Big Mac? You will soon get your wish.

The Oak Brook, Ill.-based burger chain is giving away 10,000 bottles of its Big Mac sauce to customers this week. The bottles will be available at McDonald’s restaurants on Thursday, and quantities vary per location. The company will release details on how consumers can get the cause on Wednesday.

The giveaway is part of McDonald’s upcoming ad campaign promoting the two new sizes of Big Mac the company started selling last week.

Jonathan Maze

Photo: Jonathan Maze

The company sent bottles of the sauce to various members of the media, including Nation’s Restaurant News, along with a box designed to serve as a “stage” for photos of the bottles to be posted on Social Media.

Last week, McDonald’s started teasing for a big event set for this coming Thursday.

That tweet came as consumers started ordering McDonald’s Grand Mac, a larger size Big Mac with two patties totaling a third of a pound, and the Mac Jr., a smaller, single-layer version of the Big Mac. The new Big Macs will be available through March 20.

McDonald’s is kicking off the year promoting its Big Mac in a bid to get more, younger consumers to try the Big Mac. The company is hoping the promotion can help improve same-store sales — same-store sales fell 1.3 percent in the U.S. in the fourth quarter thanks in part to difficult comparisons. And company executives suggested that challenging environment would extend into the first three months of 2017.

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