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A look at all the celebrity meals McDonald’s has featured since 2020

The quick-service restaurant chain just announced its fifth such meal collab

In September 2020, McDonald’s announced its first celebrity-branded meal since 1992, and in the two and a half years since, the quick-service restaurant chain has had four more such collaborations.

At first, the marketing move may have seemed to simply be on-trend; McDonald’s was far from the only chain working with celebrities and influencers early in the pandemic. Others included Chipotle and Dunkin’, not to mention all the virtual brands that launched around that time with famous faces associated.

But it turned out that McDonald’s collaboration was part of a much larger marketing strategy unfolding at the time, as the brand had made a big Q2 2020 marketing investment that continues to pay off. Its next celebrity meal launched just a few weeks later, followed by one in May 2021 (complete with a merchandise line) and another that July. Now the latest rendition is launching for Valentine’s Day.

In this gallery, learn more about the five Famous Meals McDonald’s has served lately.

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