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In the past quarter, Krispy Kreme grew its points of access by 21% — or 600 new shops, stores and doors — leaning into omnichannel capabilities with brand presence in fresh shops, dark shops (similar to ghost kitchens) and grocery/convenience stores.

Krispy Kreme’s omnichannel growth and menu innovation drives momentum

As Krispy Kreme increased points of access and pushed creative LTOs, hub sales grew 19.4%

Krispy Kreme continues its growth momentum in the first quarter of 2022, with hub sales up 19.4% for the period ended April 3 (hub sales are defined as Revenues from hub stores with spokes, divided by the average number of hub stores with spokes at the end of the five most recent quarters) The primary drivers of success were increasing points of access and getting creative with seasonal and occasion-based LTO menu items, CEO Mike Tattersfield emphasized in an interview with Nation’s

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