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KFC drinks.jpg Photo courtesy of NRN staff
KFC has several new beverages on the menu and is testing three others in partnership with ICEE.

KFC is testing new beverages, chicken quesadillas

KFC has made several menu updates in the past two years to meet the changing demands of restaurant consumers, including a bigger focus on boneless chicken offerings.

KFC is testing new frozen beverages in partnership with ICEE in 22 locations throughout Central Kentucky, including Lexington. They include Mtn Dew Sweet Lightning, blackberry lemonade, and blue raspberry flavors, the former two of which are only available at KFC. Frozen Mtn Dew Sweet Lightning blends the sweet peach and honey flavors, while frozen blackberry lemonade combines citrusy lemon with tangy blackberries.

KFC has also updated its menu to reflect new beverage additions for the season, including a Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade, a Tropical Passionfruit Sweet Lightning, Tropical Passionfruit Starry, and Tropical Passionfruit Sweet Tea, which can be ordered with the Colonel’s sweetened or unsweetened tea. All are listed for $2.49. The new beverages were first spotted by Snackolator.

Beverage innovation is quickly becoming table stakes, particularly in the QSR space that is contending with growing competition from beverage-forward concepts like Dutch Bros, 7 Brew, Scooters, Swig, and more. KFC’s sister chain Taco Bell has also released a bevy of new news related to new beverages, including its newly released Limonada Freeze.

KFC is also testing chicken quesadillas in select restaurants in New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee. The KFC Chicken Quesadilla includes chicken shredded in-house and topped with the chain’s signature gravy, and a three-cheese blend. It is toasted and served with a dipping sauce or hot sauce. KFC has been busy churning out new menu innovations for the past several quarters now, targeting new and younger consumers with more portable boneless chicken offerings.

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