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Jimmy John's Ciao Down Silk Scarf is designed to feature the ingredients of its new Caprese Salami Pesto wrap.

Jimmy John’s introduces a new article of clothing to promote its Caprese Salami Pesto wrap

The Ciao Down Silk Scarf is available via the chain’s online store

Jimmy John’s is adding to its clothing line with a scarf designed to go with the Caprese Salami Pesto wrap that it recently launched.

The Ciao Down Silk Scarf is designed to feature ingredients in the wrap, also available as a sandwich, which is made with salami, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted tomatoes, pesto, balsamic glaze, an oregano-basil blend, oil, vinegar, onion, and mayonnaise. The wrap is served in a garlic and herb flour tortilla and the sandwich is on French bread. Its price is around $9.99 for a regular size.

A press release promoting the scarf, which will be available on the sandwich chain’s already considerable online store for $75, said the design was inspired by the fashions of Milan, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It comes with instructions for folding it into a carrier for the new wrap — as a clutch, a shoulder bag, or tote. It can also be used as a belt or headband or, of course, a wrap.

The scarf and the wrap and sandwich are all limited-time offers, although the chain of more than 2,600 restaurants, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Inspire Brands, did not say how long they would be available.

Jimmy John’s most recent merch launch was just around two months ago, when it introduced a brightly colored hoodie, tote, and water bottle intended to bring cheer during the winter months.

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