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Domino's and Microsoft will be developing this AI technology over the next five years.

Domino’s is working with Microsoft to build a proprietary AI assistant

Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI Service are collaborating to create a generative AI tool to improve customer experience and help with back of house tasks

Domino’s announced Tuesday that the pizza chain is working with Microsoft to develop an in-house generative AI assistant to help automate some back of house tasks for employees and improve the ordering process on the customer experience side. Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft’s generative AI tool, Azure OpenAI Service, are collaborating with Domino’s to experiment with these new AI capabilities over the next five years.

"We are thrilled to co-innovate with Microsoft using Azure AI technology to advance the future of pizza ordering and store technology powered by secure, connected data and simplified processes," Kelly Garcia, Domino’s executive vice president and chief technology officer said in a statement. "Our collaboration over the next five years will help us serve millions of customers with consistent and engaging ordering experiences, while supporting our corporate stores, franchisees, and their respective team members with tools to make store operations more efficient and reliable."

Although the project is still in its early days, Domino’s is striving to put the Microsoft AI assistant to work in the back of house—helping to automate such tasks as inventory management, ingredient ordering and staff scheduling. The company will also eventually be able to use AI to streamline pizza preparation and quality control through predictive tools.

Together, both Domino’s and Microsoft are establishing an Innovation Lab, powered by engineers for both companies to help accelerate the development of smart store and ordering innovations for the pizza company.

“As consumer preferences rapidly evolve, generative AI has emerged as a game changer for meeting new demands and transforming the customer experience. Through our strategic partnership, Domino’s continues to be a customer-first leader in the quick service restaurant industry,” Shelley Bransten, Microsoft corporate vice president of global retail, consumer goods and gaming industries said in a statement. “There is no better or more integrated platform than the Microsoft Cloud for delivering an AI-enhanced and connected experience that will drive loyalty and engagement for millions of customers, franchisees, and employees.”

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